Although the economy might be doing well, organizations that need money the most – charities – often are having their budgets tightened. As a result, the people they help require charitable giving so that they can secure a better future. No matter how big or frequent, a donation will make a difference in a person’s life who is less fortunate than you.

Why You Should Give Charitably

A donation is a generous act that is almost impossible to replicate. The feeling that you get from knowing you’re doing some good in the world is worth the amount you can give. As far as spending your money wisely goes, there is nothing savvier than investing it in humanity and your fellow human beings.

Of course, not everything can be measured in goodwill, and charitable acts are the same. So, is there anything that you can benefit from aside from feeling good? The answer is yes – there are lots of additional features. The main one is a tax break for charitable giving. The Charitable Contribution Deduction scheme allows you to claim as much as 50%, although in some instances it might be 20% to 30%.

One feature of giving to a charity that most people aren’t aware of is longer life expectancy. A selfless act is a way to de-stress as the boost in your mood makes you less tense and improves your world view. Studies show that people with altruistic characteristics are less likely to suffer from health issues, and, therefore, more likely to live longer. Nearly one-third of Americans are affected by high blood pressure and headaches brought on by stress, but you don’t need to fall into this category.

Are There Other Resources You Can Give?

Yes. Money is helpful, yet it isn’t everything from a charity’s point of view. Organizations that offer aid need your time as much as they do your earnings. Signing up to volunteer on your time off is as selfless as anything you can do because you can actively help others. Whether it’s building homes in disadvantaged areas or selling old clothes, it all counts.

How Can You Ensure Your Gift Reaches The People Intended?

Sad though it is to think, there are some “charities” that are not authentic. If you want to make sure that your gift goes to a charity you can trust, you can use the following tips.

Go With A Reputable Organization

Lots of charities exist, but some have been around longer than others and are more reputable. From Oxfam to UNICEF and the Salvation Army, there is no doubt that your donation will be used wisely.

Be Proactive

Don’t be afraid to research the organization in question. Many states have lists or registries provided by the Secretary of State’s office and website.  Also, ask yourself about the organization are they well-liked? Are there any negative comments about their work?

Cut Out The Middleman

If you prefer, you can get in touch with a charitable entity you know to be legitimate and give your gift to them directly rather through groups or other entities.

Patterson State Bank

Here at Patterson State Bank, we believe in generous support for missions and organizations, and also believe that it is crucial to be smart and efficient at the same time.  Please join us through the generosity of giving while doing it in the right ways.

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