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Patterson State Bank was founded in 1925 by Harry Williams and E. F. Marin. Together they had a great vision for their community; a bank for their city to call its own. At that time, the larger banks in New Orleans were not responsive to the needs of families and business owners in and around Patterson so they set out to create a bank for their community and to make dreams come true for their friends, family, and neighbors.

Although banking has changed over the years, the founding principles on which our growth and prosperity have been built remain part of our DNA. Our current day bankers are still being mentored and molded by the leadership qualities and commitment to service displayed by Harry Williams and E.F. Marin. The passion our founding fathers had for providing our community and local business owners with not only the highest level of personal and responsive service but also solutions to financial needs and dreams remains the benchmark for how we conduct business today.

Our History - Old Patterson State Bank Building

From my first days at PSB, Bill Marin Sr. always taught that the bank’s philosophy was to know its customers and to do whatever it takes to make people feel comfortable when they come into the bank. So many businesses these days operate in terms of quantity and not quality. We feel that there will always be room for a bank that does an excellent job of giving personal customer service, and we intend to continue providing the type of service that would make Harry Williams and E. F. Marin proud.

Peter J. Lipari

Today, banking looks much different than it did in 1925. Patterson State Bank was first to this market with technologies such as online and mobile banking as well as remote deposit capture and mobile deposit, services Mr. Williams could have never imagined. However, they would recognize the way we have incorporated personal service into self-service technologies and how we continue to tailor solutions to the unique financial needs of today’s customer. They would also nod their heads at the commitment each of our bankers has to making a difference in the lives of our customers and to our community as active corporate citizens. These are the traditions they left behind and we are proud to uphold.

Our promise to you, our customer, is that we will look toward the future with new technologies and services without forsaking our traditions and dedication to the principles on which we were founded. The way we see it, we’ve had a good thing going for four generations and we’ll continue to work hard to preserve it.

Our History - Patterson State Bank Building