Social media is a great platform to connect with friends and follow those who interest you, from movie stars to athletes to influencers to brands. But you may not realize that following your bank on social media has its own advantages. It’s an effective way to be connected with the bank and stay updated about its activities.

Your bank is on major social media platforms and if you have never considered it, these four reasons may convince you to follow your bank on social media.

To stay informed

Your bank shares information on many platforms including its website. However, social media is an easy way for you to stay attuned to the current information. If you follow your bank on social media, you will get their latest news, announcements, and learn about new products and services that you might like.

You might even be able to take advantage of some opportunities as a current customer that you were not aware of.

Get to know your bank

There is more to your bank than accounts and transactions. Following your bank on social media allows you to know your bank beyond its functionalities. Your bank is a community bank run by local people in your local area.

When you regularly see updates from your bank, you will get to know its personality. You will understand its mission and what it stands for. You will also get to know the people behind it and learn their stories.

For tips and resources

Your bank isn’t merely interested in selling products to you. There is a larger objective to add value to your life through helpful services and resources. For example, the importance of informing your bank when traveling, or teaching your kids how to save, are things that you would discover by being connected on its social media channels.

For charity and community activities

If you were to decide to support a charity, one challenge may be to find legitimate and reliable organizations in your area. If you follow your bank on social media, you will get to know about the local charities that your bank supports. You may get a better idea of which organizations you may want to support.

Your bank also sometimes provides sweepstakes and holiday programs and holds other events that you might be interested in.  These occasions may also help you widen your network by meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends.

Final thoughts

Following your bank on social media has several benefits. It widens your interests, refreshes your social media experience, and makes it more meaningful. Importantly, it takes little effort to connect with your bank and follow it, and the benefits to you are well worth it!

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