We thought you should know a few things about Cyber Security.

There is a big difference between https:// and http://  When you see https://, this means the information entered into the site is encrypted.  Why is this important?  Encrypting information makes it much more difficult for anyone other than the user and the website owner to read the information.

Never click on suspicious links in emails, tweets, posts, nor online advertising as links can take you to a different website than their labels indicate. Typing an address in your browser instead of clicking a link in an email is a safer alternative.

Only give sensitive information to websites using encryption so your information is protected as it travels across the Internet. Verify the web address begins with “https://” (the “s” is for secure) rather than just “http://”. Some browsers also display a closed padlock.

Do not trust sites with certificate warnings or errors. These messages could be caused by your connection being intercepted or the web server misrepresenting its identity.  Also avoid using public computers or public wireless access points for online banking and other activities involving sensitive information when possible.

Always “sign out” or “log off” of password protected websites when finished to prevent unauthorized access. Simply closing the browser window may not actually end your session.

Be cautious of unsolicited phone calls, emails, or texts directing you to a website or requesting information.  Rest assured, Patterson State Bank’s website is encrypted and safe!