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Being Generous and Wise

Although the economy might be doing well, organizations that need money the most – charities – often are having their budgets tightened. As a result, the people they help require charitable giving so that they can secure a better future. No matter how big or frequent, a donation will make a difference in a person’s […]

Reduce Stress and Achieve your Goals

Business Owners and Busy Professionals: How to Reduce Stress and Achieve your Goals

Written by: Julie Morris
Busy professionals and successful business owners may look like they have it all, but they experience stress just like everyone else does. If this is you, the tips in this article may prove fruitful when you’re looking to reduce stress, […]

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American Legion Growing Leaders

American Legion Donation Brian Thorguson (left), senior vice-president and chief operating officer with Patterson State Bank presents a donation to American Legion Post 242 in Patterson.

The American Legion is our nation’s largest wartime veteran service organization. Part of their long-standing commitment is to mentor youth and […]

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