Medical Professional Program

We understand the unique position medical professionals are in, and since 2005 we have provided an all encompassing solution that accommodates both personal and business needs.

Whether you are a recent graduate starting your career, a seasoned veteran looking to grow or acquire a practice or needing to prepare for retirement, we understand your needs […]

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Do You And Your Money Care About The Same Things?

As the old adage goes “Actions speak louder than words.” On the topic in question, it is fair to say spending is an action that implies values. Which explains why the nature of finances can be so personal, and challenge us to ask the question, what do we value?

Is it:

  • Family?
  • Friends?
  • Health?
  • Happiness?
  • Travel?
  • […]

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Encouraging Children to Save

Sometimes when children hear their parents or other adults in their lives talking about cutting spending or saving money, they assume that the family is going through a rough patch. As appropriate based on children’s ages, family conversations about money goals, including saving and spending plans, reassure children. It is also a great way to […]

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Split Deposit: The Workplace Perk that Will Help Employees Build Wealth

American workers are not saving enough for their future or to even cover emergencies and planned expenses that may crop up in the short term. According to the Federal Bureau of Economic Analysis, the average personal saving rate for Americans hovers around 5 percent – which is far too low. In fact, people aged 30-49 […]

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